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Ralph, Dorset

dilys-guildford-medium-testimonials After a long battle against cancer, I lost my dear wife, Seal on the 9th March 2005. Too prove to me there was ‘something’ after death, Seal & I had talked about having a password. It was to be ‘Freedom’ Seal’s horse. When I first met Dilys I was doubtful, almost unfriendly.

During the sitting Dilys told me many things she could not have researched, about Seal, My Mum, My Dad and my sister. But she said our code word couldn’t be passed through, as it was clearly in my mind. Seal must provide & explain to confirm in another way.

Towards the end of the sitting Dilys told me Seal was with her ‘Dark Bay Mare’ ‘Freedom’ was a dark bay mare!!

Dilys is a lovely caring person who brought peace and happiness after much sadness.

Ralph, Dorset. England