Dilys Guildford Clairvoyant

Dilys became aware of her ability to communicate with the spirit world around the age of six, and more intensely after a serious illness in 1973. The gifts of Mediumship Clairvoyance, Clairaudiance, Clairsentient, Physical and Trance state, have privileged her to work with spirit and help many people worldwide to link to their relatives, friends and loved ones.

As a full time International Clairvoyant Spirit Medium and healer I have in the last 40 years also become a spiritual mentor to many. The aims through spirit are to change the negative perceptions of life in this dimension, through an open channel from our relatives friends and guides one is able to receive help and guidance. My work remains a challenge full of spirit people and I often joke “Us earthlings do seem to make life difficult for ourselves”

What I Don’t Do: Is stare into a crystal ball, move an object round a board spelling out peoples names, appear from behind a dark curtain wearing a mystic long cape. I leave that make believe to those less talented.