Telephone Sitting 30 mins


30 mins via Phone/Skype/App. After payment I will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

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Telephone sittings are 30 mins other time lengths are available, please ask. You will need to allow a time frame for your sitting of 45mins.

Over the phone or internet via Skype or You may prefer a personal sitting face to face.

I recommend you have a quiet place organised for your sitting, so that background noise is not recorded during your sitting.

During a sitting lots of information will be given whilst some of the content may have a “WOW Factor” for things happening in your life now, other content may focus on events yet to happen in your life. There could be reference to names of people, who are in your past, whilst that reference may not be clear immediately family & friends often help complete the past references.

Clients have come back to me many many years later to explain how information from the sitting actually happened. Some are still listening to recordings on cassette tape.

All sittings can be recorded, or you can ask for the sitting not to be recorded. Recorded sittings are either supplied on a post-able audio CD or available in MP3/MP4 format via a download link or email.

I try my best to make sure all online sittings are available within 24 hours. Depending on the media format for instance a recorded CD is dependent on the postal service.