ith the kind permission of my clients, I have included below some of their letters of recommendation.


ilys is an amazing, experience clairvoyant medium, and has helped me to remove many blockages from the past, that was stopping me moving forward on my journey. With such in-depth, true channeling and caring from her heart. Thank you Dilys for your help and support.
Thank you from my heart
Rosalind, Wales.



have been having regular sittings with the very gifted, Dilys Guildford, for nearly 20 years now. She has always helped me through the most difficult situations, with her incredible and amazing channelling and guidance.
I highly recommend her to you.
Caroline, South Devon.



first met Dilys in 1994, in Dartmouth. It was during this initial meeting that I became aware of her discreet, yet insightful psychic abilities. As time has passed I have grown to know Dilys very well, and have on occasion received clarifying readings - always very much to the point, yet going beyond the enquiry at hand.
Dilys connects not only with her own guides and Cosmic beings of the Light, but draws in those close to her client. Always calm, yet witholding nothing.
I continue to value Dilys as a close friend, confidant and a wonderful lady of great psychic abilities and spiritual mediumship.
Roger, Devon.



have known Dilys for the past 20 years, she has provided me with both personal and business guidance which I have always found to be accurate though on occasions the timings are a little out, approachable with a wise head and plenty of life experience her advise is both guided and enhanced from experience.
Michael, Worcestershire.



first met Dilys when I was being harassed by my husband's ex-wife. Dilys brought insight and practical advice on how to deal with the situation.
Also, when my Mother passed away suddenly I had a sitting with Dilys. My latest sitting with Dilys was in August 2012, when my husband died after a long illness of Parkinson's disease and Dementia. When my Mother and my husband died I needed closure to a lot of unanswered questions. Dilys connected with my family in spirit, and after each visit with Dilys I felt settled and at peace, for which I am very grateful. I always recommend Dilys whenever and where-ever I can.
Kath, Mid Devon. England



hank you so much for hosting an excellent evening here at The NoBody Inn. The format, Dinner with Dilys, worked beautifully and those attending were entertained by your stories and amazed by your gift. For my part the one to one I had with you the next day left me in no doubt of your talent. Some of the details regarding my past and messages from loved ones were too accurate and obscure to be coincidence. Also a glimpse into the future is exacting and full of anticipation. I have listened to the CD you left me of your reading and am recalling other events you mention. It certainly leaves me believing "this is not it........"

I look forward to welcoming you back in the future.
Best wishes.

Sue, Exeter Devon.




t was great to talk to you. I truly felt that you were not only in contact, but in communion with my father.
You captured his essence, and described him as well as any family member could! I know that my father and I are just a thought away. We all are. Keep up the great work.
I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends that might benefit from your gifts!
Philip, Kyoto. Japan. (Skype Sitting)



have known Dilys for over ten years. In this time she has helped me with relationships, business, career and family issues. She has now become a good friend too.
I first heard about Dilys after a friend of mine had been to visit her and had then played back a tape of her reading to me. At the time I was sceptical but interested by the information given.
I decided to visit Dilys myself, initially as a sceptic but a sceptic with an open mind. During my first reading I was also impressed by the information given. She told me about my family including grandparents, great aunts, uncles and even the animals I had had as a child - naming the majority of them accurately.
She described where my grandparents had lived, what they would have seen out of their window, even down to the name of a lane that their house had overlooked. Even I didn’t know this until I had checked this after my reading.

(It’s important to remember that I had booked the reading in my first name only and also that my surname is different to that of my grandparents - so the information couldn’t have been researched prior to my visit. Neither did my friend know anything about the information I was given).

I have been recommending Dilys to friends, family and colleagues ever since and have continued to have readings with her over the years.
The authenticity of what Dilys has told me in some sessions has been extraordinary. Prior to knowing her I wasn’t sure whether there was life after death but since visiting her I now firmly believe there is - in the form of a person’s consciousness.
I have recently lost my father. In the last year I have had a number of readings and Dilys has told me many accurate things about him. The way she conducts a reading is very relaxed and she puts you at ease. It’s not just what is said but how you feel when it is being said. It really is like she is on the phone, talking to a loved one and recounting to you what is being relayed to her - not only the words but the character and the personality of the person too.
At a recent reading the following event happened. When the reading was coming to a close, we said our goodbyes and Dilys suggested out loud, (*as a way of a joke), for Dad to go and see another member of the family, as it was time for our reading to end.
A few minutes later the phone rang and it was the specific member of my family who had just been mentioned. I said to them that I couldn’t chat as I had Dilys with me. At that moment Dilys asked me to pass my love onto them from Dad. I suggested that Dilys speak to them directly rather than have a three-way conversation. When the phone was passed back to me, I was told by the family member; "that is really odd, I was just thinking about Dad - I was really missing him and said in my head `I would give anything to be able to speak to him by phone right now’ and then I had this strong urge to call you".
I have often been asked why I go to readings. In the beginning it was out of interest, then for guidance and recently because it was extremely comforting to be able to have communication with Dad, who I miss and love but now truly believe lives on, well and happy, (just in a different place from us). My understanding, from Dad (via Dilys), is that the readings are lovely for him too.
J. Europe



have had readings with Dilys since the death of my mother in November 2006. The sessions are full of love, warmth, guidance and support, and have helped me through many difficult times. She works professionally with complete integrity, and in a safe and profound way for your higher good and enlightenment. As she herself always says:
'Love, Light, and Laughter'.
JBS, Devon. England



fter a long battle against cancer, I lost my dear wife, Seal on the 9th March 2005.
Too prove to me there was 'something' after death, Seal & I had talked about having a password. It was to be 'Freedom' Seal's horse. When I first met Dilys I was doubtful, almost unfriendly.
During the sitting Dilys told me many things she could not have researched, about Seal, My Mum, My Dad and my sister. But she said our code word couldn't be passed through, as it was clearly in my mind. Seal must provide & explain to confirm in another way.
Towards the end of the sitting Dilys told me Seal was with her 'Dark Bay Mare' 'Freedom' was a dark bay mare!!
Dilys is a lovely caring person who brought peace and happiness after much sadness.
Ralph, Dorset. England



ilys is my 'wise woman'. Whenever I have a problem that defeats me, or an impossible decision to make, I make an appointment for a 'reading' with her. She connects me with loved ones who have passed over, principally my husband, but occasionally my mother and on one surprising occasion, my mother-in-law, who wanted to apologise for her doubts about me while in this life. There is no doubt that my loved-ones are genuine, since they remind me of forgotten incidents and private jokes from decades ago, that nobody else could possibly know. I tell them why I am getting in touch with them, but usually they already know. They give me comfort, information and insight. By the end of the session I see the problem from new perspective and am well on the way to working out a solution - and I feel so much better about everything! Dilys is a superbly professional medium.
Kay, London.



y Dear Dilys I email to you a Great Big Thank You & would not mind at all if you would like to include my Testimonial on your web site. My life changed very quickly after my reading, the spirit guides gave correct information to you, and as you only knew my first name & nothing else, one could never doubt the validity of an after life & helper guides / angels. I was shocked & still feel so amazed at the help a stranger to me could provide.
Life has become more bearable now, after being stuck over the break up with Ralph, fighting the divorce, all the finances, and not knowing what way to turn. When my friend Shirley mentioned you, it was such a silly ridiculous idea for me to call you. But thank to Skype calls our reading happened. Thank you so much Dilys you have not only proved my spirit guide to me but also their intention to help the changes to happen.
The very next day a friend phoned & invited me to go away for a holiday in Cyprus this was said in the reading!! They would offer to pay for flight, and she did!!
The following weeks since I saw you in April - so much has come to fruition. I just can't thank you enough, words fail me - to say enough thank-you's. I will always believe in spirit angels I call them and I've named mine Luke. Maybe? because I had a teddy by this name.
When you are next in Germany I would love to met you.
Delores, Berlin. Germany

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